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Is my senior loved one being taken advantage of?

It's a sad fact of life that scam artists often target seniors for their perceived vulnerability. Additionally, some seniors are more likely to fall victim to these scams than others, which can cause financial effects as well as having a possible impact on a person's overall well-being. To ensure you can adequately protect your loved one, AARP provides the following advice. 

Many seniors lack a strong social network. Socialization is an important human need, one that many elderly people fulfill with friends and neighbors. While you would hope that these people have the best interests of your loved one in mind, this is not always the case. Check-in on your loved one frequently to ensure they receive healthy and stable socialization on a regular basis. You should also ask questions about your relative's acquaintances and friends if you're not fully aware of them. 

How should a business handle negative online reviews?

It's easier than ever for consumers to make their opinions about individual businesses known far and wide thanks to online review sites. While it's definitely important for consumers to have a voice, business owners are rightly concerned about the impact a negative review can have on their reputation. In this case, there are ways to turn negative reviews into a positive situation. 

According to the U.S. Small Business Association, responding correctly to negative reviews can actually be beneficial. The key word here is correct, as responding to a negative review with a personal attack or snarky language will only make the situation worse. Be kind and courteous while acknowledging your customer's issue. If there are discrepancies about what happened, bring them up, but frame them as a misunderstanding or miscommunication. No matter what, apologize for the problem identified by your customer. You should also let them know how you plan on correcting the problem in the future. A customer is more likely to return to your business if she believes you're taking the right steps to rectify the issue. It's natural for a business to make mistakes, but how you handle them shows your true character. 

Three considerations when getting started succession planning

As a business owner, you have probably put a great amount of effort into the success of your business. However, have you considered how your business’s success could be impacted by your absence?

Without a succession plan in place, your business could struggle after your retirement or death. Without planning or clear direction, there may be no one with the skills needed to step into your shoes. Alternatively, there could be squabbles over who will replace you.

How can I help my children during a divorce?

When parents divorce, kids often experience a wide range of conflicting emotions. Managing these emotions can be difficult, especially when you're experiencing hurt feelings of your own. If you're currently going through a divorce and aren't sure how to help your kids, offers the following tips. 

You want to make sure your child knows that his or her feelings are completely valid. You can do this by acknowledging their feelings and assuring them that it's healthy to feel the way they do. This is especially important if they feel hurt or let down by the other parent due to a missed visit or another issue. The act of expressing one's emotions in a safe and secure environment can be cathartic on its own, especially for younger children. 

What is intestate succession?

The thought of causing discord amongst your potential beneficiaries in Cincinnati may be causing you to put off your estate planning. You might even believe the best course of action to be to not make any stipulations whatsoever and leave it to them to sort out your estate. Yet it is not that simple; the state actually steps in and dictates how you are assets are to be distributed if you die without leaving a will. Intestate succession (or the succession of assets for those with no will) does involve your family members in the distribution process, yet perhaps not to the extent that you would like. 

Local intestate succession guidelines can be found in Section 2105.06 of Ohio's Revised Code. Here, it lists your surviving spouse's claim to your intestate estate to be: 

  • The entire estate if you have no lineal descendants or your descendants are also those of your spouse
  • The first $20,000 and then half of the estate's remaining balance if you have one descendant that is not also the descendant of your spouse
  • The first $20,000 and then one-third of the estate's remaining balance if you have two or more descendants who are also not the descendants of your spouse
  • The first $60,000 and then one-third of the estate's remaining balance if you have two or more descendants for whom your spouse is the natural or adoptive parent of one (but not all) of them

Handling litigation as an online business owner

Business litigation can affect companies of all sizes and in various industries, from those who run a construction company to retailers and large financial corporations. Moreover, business lawsuits may even target an online business, and there are a number of unique considerations for those who have their online business targeted in a lawsuit. As with any other example of business litigation, the consequences of a lawsuit can be devastating for any online business, regardless of its size. Some may be pushed into closure, while others may be impacted by the damage to their reputation and the financial effects for years.

Whether you run an online business that sells tangible products to consumers over the internet or your company focuses on internet marketing, there are many different types of online businesses that can be hit with a lawsuit. These lawsuits may come from competitors, or they may be filed by current or former staff members. For example, an employee may accuse your business of failing to respect their rights due to wage violations, discrimination or wrongful termination. These cases can have a disastrous impact on your business and may present challenges that you will have to deal with for years to come.

How do assets get divided in divorce?

One of the most contentious parts of your divorce could be the division of assets. This makes sense because you worked hard to acquire the assets you now have, like a house, a car and a healthy retirement account. If you are getting divorced, it can be a priority to make sure you get your fair share of the property acquired throughout your marriage. You may also be keen on keeping specific assets of value to you.

Whatever your goals, it can be helpful to understand how Ohio courts divide assets in divorce. This understanding can help you better strategize for your unique situation.

Customers have high expectations of friendliness for small businesses

Good customer relations are important for any company. They may be particularly critical though for small businesses. A recent report suggests that people hold small businesses to a particularly high standard when it comes to interactions with customers.

The research reviewed five studies that looked at what expectations customers had of businesses. It found that customers had higher expectations for helpfulness, friendliness and honesty for small businesses than they did for larger companies. It also found that customers tend to respond more negatively to bad treatment by small businesses than bad treatment by big companies.

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