Proud Neighbors In Cincinnati

Proud Neighbors In Cincinnati

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Skilled Civil Litigators

At The Law Firm of Droder & Miller, we have a long history of representing clients in civil litigation throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Our experience asserting our clients’ rights to restitution in jury and nonjury trials extends to both the local and federal levels. Our detail-oriented defense strategy means that every avenue gets leveraged to move your case forward, and our reputation stands on hundreds of successful cases.

Injury Attorneys You Can Trust

When you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, the costs are too much to bear alone. We are tenacious in the process of advancing your lawsuit to pursue rightful compensation for your financial and personal losses such as:

Detailed Business Litigation Representation

Our sophisticated approach to business litigation combines advanced research, teamwork and technological capabilities to pursue results. Whether you are taking legal action or defending against an action in the business sphere, our insightful professionals can assist with:

  • Commercial litigation of business disputes
  • Contract actions
  • Workers’ compensation and employment actions
  • Workplace intentional torts
  • Construction litigation

As a full-service firm, we capitalize on our litigation skills throughout the rest of our legal practice in situations such as:

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When a legal matter goes to trial, much can be at stake. Let our lawyers take some worry off your plate. Contact our conveniently located Cincinnati firm for all of your civil litigation needs. Call 888-915-0021 or submit our online form today.

Dedicated To Our Clients & Our Community

We have been serving this area since 1991, helping local individuals, families and businesses with a wide range of legal issues, including civil litigation, insurance law, family law, and estate planning.