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What financial documents should I prepare for the divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2023 | Divorce & Family Law |

The divorce process has different variations to accommodate each household’s unique needs, but they all involve paperwork, especially when dealing with financial details. Going through these documents is essential for the court to determine the most appropriate arrangements, including alimony and child support setups.

If you and your former spouse are going to divorce, it is best to prepare the following files and documents:

  • Income-related files – This paperwork can include pay stubs, tax returns and other payments received through Social Security and other benefits.
  • Documents indicating asset ownership – These documents can have information on the value of your properties, cars, furniture, appliances and other assets.
  • Loan statements and other documentation concerning debt – These files may include medical costs, credit card debt and student loans. Ideally, the documents should indicate payment information and the balance left unpaid.
  • Necessities or monthly costs – Aside from bills and rent, these documents include insurance, child care and other essentials paid monthly.

Some information in these documents could be necessary when completing the forms required to file the divorce. It is also beneficial to do some research when determining the value of your assets. You could review public postings for furniture and appliances, but you might need to hire a professional to estimate values for real estate properties.

Preparations can impact the process

Having these documents cannot guarantee a favorable outcome. If you prepare the paperwork, you can quickly bring any file to court whenever the judge requests it. You can also consult an attorney about what other requirements you should obtain. Some of them can be more challenging to organize based on your situation. Making these preparations may seem tedious, but they can help the process move forward properly.


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