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Avoid these mistakes when going through a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2023 | Divorce & Family Law |

Deciding to divorce your spouse is not easy, but you may not realize that it is only the beginning of your problems. Once you file for divorce, then factors such as child custody, alimony, property division and child support enter the picture. These are serious issues that can directly and adversely affect your future. You should be aware of the mistakes you can make before deciding on these life-altering decisions.

Hiding any of your assets

In Ohio, the court will decide on an equitable distribution of marital assets. You can be guilty of perjury if you intentionally conceal assets from your spouse and the court. Instead, it would help if you listed all your properties, debt and financials before finding a way to keep what is most important to you. Hiding assets can tarnish your credibility.

Letting your emotions get the best of you

Divorcing someone you once loved is a heavily emotional experience. Your anger or resentment can cause you to make miscalculations and bad judgment. Approach everything with a clear and sound mind. If you have children, focus on what is best for them. Avoid verbal confrontations with your future ex-spouse, as this can only hamper your case.

Settling to keep the peace

If you are trying to resolve the divorce peacefully or privately, it does not mean you must give your spouse everything they ask for. Remember, you both have equitable rights to marital property. You also both have parental rights to your children; if you believe you deserve child custody, you can fight for it.

Forgetting about taxes

The spouse who will be receiving alimony payments has to make income tax on those payments. Child custody also comes with a tax credit. There is a myriad of tax concerns that go into the picture when divorcing. It is imperative to thoroughly include these in the legal divorce settlement agreement, so they do not come back to haunt you.

You must be fully prepared to enter divorce proceedings because lapses in judgment can be pivotal. You are dismantling the life you built with your spouse to make way for a new one on your own or with your children, if you have any. Make sure you are aware of the consequences so that you can do it right.


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