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Did a product defect ruin your child’s summer?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Injuries |

Many kids are spending their summer playing with toys their grandparents or aunts and uncles bought them. You may find your child’s new toy, however, is unsafe. Maybe your kid’s been riding up and down the sidewalk on a new hoverboard when it suddenly catches fire. How about a new video game that ended up shocking your child?

Many parents find themselves asking what they can do when a product is defective – especially when it causes an injury in the family. Here’s what you should know:

There are 3 types of product defects

If a product is defective, the liability belongs to the manufacturer, distributor, supplier and retailer – anybody in the supply chain. Three product defects that may cause injuries are:

  1. Design defects: Design defects are problems with a product that existed before its creation. This flaw can affect every produced version of a product. A product with an unsafe design may cause hazards for consumers.
  2. Manufacturing defects: An issue in a product may be created during its assembly process. This most likely only affects a few products, but inevitably has created a danger through the use of substandard materials or improper assembly.
  3. Improper labeling: Some products are only supposed to be used in specific ways. Products are often labeled to demonstrate their dangers, and lacking so may cause potential injuries. Without a label, products may be used in unintended ways.

Manufacturers are legally required to create safe products before consumers get their hands on something potentially dangerous. A faulty product can seriously endanger someone’s life – especially an unsuspecting child.

If a product caused injuries because of a defect, you may need to reach out for legal assistance to recover from medical bills and other financial losses.


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