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Can drug tests help limit workers’ compensation claims?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Injuries |

Workers’ compensation benefits include comprehensive medical coverage and indemnity or disability benefits for injured or sickened workers. The total cost of a single claim could be tens of thousands of dollars, and each claim will increase how much your company pays for workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

Defending against claims when you believe a worker misrepresented their physical condition or the origin of their injuries could save your company money. Will drug or alcohol tests help you defend against a large claim?

Intoxication causes many workplace accidents

There is a reason that many companies automatically require drug and alcohol screening after a worker reports an injury on the job. Testing can verify if a worker was under the influence at the time they got hurt.

If one of your workers fails a test immediately after a workplace incident, their likely impairment on the job can play a role in your insurance defense strategy. However, it is important to know that Ohio has implemented certain restrictions on such claims by employers or insurance companies. There are certain compliance requirements for employers and turnaround times for testing if you expect alcohol or drugs in a worker’s system to prevent them from getting benefits.

There are other strategies that can also work for companies trying to push back against a questionable workers’ compensation claim. A careful review of security camera footage and statements made by people present to help you determine if a worker injured themselves on purpose, for example.

Exploring all of the details will give you the best chances of success when trying to defend against a workers’ compensation insurance claim.


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