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Proud Neighbors In Cincinnati

When can landlords take tenants to court?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2022 | Civil Litigation |

It always helps to have good relationships with your tenants when you are a landlord.  When problems or misunderstandings crop up, they can get ironed out between the two of you without much fuss.

Some tenants just won’t respect the rules, however. They do whatever they please. When that happens, if there is no other recourse, a landlord has the option to take action and bring the matter to court. That is usually the last resort when all else fails.

Landlords go to court against tenants in situations like these

Here are some examples:

  • Property was discarded and left behind when the tenant moved out. You want compensation for the amount you spent to get rid of these belongings.
  • The tenant made changes to the property without your knowledge or approval.
  • The property has been damaged. The amount necessary to fix it exceeds the tenant’s security deposit
  • The tenant’s utility bills and/or rent have not been paid.
  • There are illegal activities taking place in the tenant’s unit.

Your legal costs and filing fees can add up fast. The tenant could retaliate and sue you. You might end up losing. You could win but not get the money you deserve without more headaches. Still, you want the situation resolved and bringing the matter to court may be the way to do it.

Going to court is well worth the effort when a tenant crosses the line by violating rules, being in arrears on their bills or damaging your property. If you aren’t sure what your rights as a landlord are, ask a qualified source.


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