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Woman files harassment lawsuit against former employer

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2020 | Civil Litigation |

Employers in Ohio and throughout the country are not allowed to retaliate against employees who file sexual harassment complaints. However, a former intern for SpaceX claimed that she wasn’t offered a full-time job as retaliation for reporting inappropriate comments made by her manager. She filed a lawsuit against the company in a Los Angeles County court.

An executive allegedly stopped her from being hired

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff wasn’t hired because of the actions of a company vice president. This individual had previously met with the plaintiff to discuss the concerns that she had with her manager. The plaintiff said that she had no reason to believe that there were any issues with her performance while interning with SpaceX. She also alleges that there was no reason for her to believe that she wouldn’t get a full-time position when her internship came to an end.

She received a negative performance review after making her claims

The plaintiff further alleged that she had received a negative performance review after meeting with the company’s HR department to discuss her concerns. This was in spite of the fact that she had received multiple positive performance reviews in the past. Furthermore, the plaintiff also claims that she had not received verbal warnings or other negative feedback about her work.

If you believe that you have been the victim of sexual harassment or retaliation at work, it may be possible to file a civil lawsuit against your employer. A lawyer may help you obtain or organize evidence for use during settlement talks or a trial. Evidence of harassment may include inappropriate text messages from managers or receiving a negative performance review shortly after filing a complaint.


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