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Civil litigation and contracts in Ohio

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Many Ohio residents know how complicated civil law can get. In a recent case, one of Ohio’s counties was seeking the right to remove a trustee from the board that governed the local public hospital. This dispute was not simple. In fact, it dragged on for months. Eventually, the state Supreme Court made a ruling. The trustee, they determined, could be removed.

Contracts and the law

Why did this dispute take up so much time and energy for the citizens of Morrow County? Well, under the law, each party in the dispute had rights and obligations to the other. The now-former trustee believed he was in his rights to do things like ignore the county supervisors’ appointment of a new trustee. He and the other trustees believed they were doing a good job. They were even seeking to renew their contract with the Morrow County Board of Supervisors.

The county’s board of supervisors saw things very differently. They didn’t appreciate it when the board ignored the vote they had conducted to appoint a new trustee. They believed they had good evidence of more than one example of misconduct by the now-former trustee. They wondered why there were so many problems at the hospital. The board suspected it was being mismanaged and that they were right to look at other possible solutions for governance. Luckily for them, the state Supreme Court agreed.

Civil litigation and disputes are complicated matters. If you’re a party in a civil dispute, it’s important to retain legal representation. A good civil litigation lawyer can help you develop a sound legal strategy.


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