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The role of insurance defense lawyers

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2020 | Civil Litigation |

In Ohio, insurance defense includes a broad variety of activities. Insurance companies may employ defense lawyers as staff attorneys or use outside law firms that practice insurance defense law to defend them against claims. Insurance defense attorneys also represent policyholders when claims are made against them by others.

When an insurance company receives claims, they are not taken at face value. Instead, the companies will thoroughly investigate each claim that is made to ensure that it is valid. Insurance defense includes many different types of claims, including workers’ compensation, automobile accidents, medical claims and property damage claims. All of the various types of claims can result in litigation over the validity of the claims and the fulfillment of the policies.

Many different legal issues are involved in insurance defense. Lawyers may review the claims to determine whether they involve covered events under the policies. Claims for damages that are not covered in the policies will be challenged. Insurance defense also involves investigating to uncover fraudulent or false claims. Lawyers may also work to make sure businesses that are covered by policies are operating in a way that complies with the regulations in the state to protect the insurers who cover them.

Insurance defense plays an important role in preserving the insurance system and the rights of policyholders. When insurers work with skilled insurance defense lawyers, the partnership may help the companies to protect their bottom lines while rooting out fraudulent claims. Insurance defense lawyers also help to protect policyholders when claims are made against them. While the insurers may still have to pay out on claims, the terms of the settlements may be more favorable with the help of knowledgeable and skilled insurance defense attorneys.


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