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Proud Neighbors In Cincinnati

Pilot’s family in the Bryant crash requests venue change

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Civil Litigation |

Parties to an Ohio lawsuit might need to worry about whether they can get a fair trial if sensationalized cases prejudice a potential jury pool. This may lead to some difficulties with the trial. It is with this in mind that the family of the pilot in the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash is seeking to move the case out of Los Angeles County.

Bryant’s widow filed a lawsuit against the estate of the pilot and the company that employed him. The case was filed in Los Angeles County where Bryant played basketball and starred for two decades. Bryant was regarded by some fans as a hero in Los Angeles and remained so after retirement.

The lawsuit alleges that the pilot was negligent in the crash by taking off during extreme fog conditions. The pilot reportedly was not trained for these conditions and failed to control the helicopter. Nine people, including Bryant and his teenage daughter, were killed in the disaster. Now, the family of the pilot has filed a motion to move the case to nearby Orange County. The family argues that hearing the lawsuit in Los Angeles, where Bryant was considered to be a symbol of the city, is akin to starting the proceeding with “two strikes.” While Orange County is close to Los Angeles, the hope for the family is that the jury would have a different composition.

Civil litigation proceedings often involve issues of jury composition and the appropriate venue for the lawsuit. Certain cases may need to be moved. A civil litigation attorney may monitor the jury selection in order to have the appropriate jury for the proceeding. The attorney may also represent their client’s interests when the case goes to trial if they are not able to settle the case before the hearing.


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