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Proud Neighbors In Cincinnati

Father files wrongful death suit after son killed by gunfire

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | Civil Litigation |

The father of an Ohio teen who was shot and killed in a garage has filed a lawsuit that alleges the wrongful death of his son.The 17-year-old and two friends were discovered in the garage of 63-year-old Dayton, Ohio resident in August of 2019. The teen was shot multiple times. A second young man also lost his life as a result of the incident. The third young man was able to escape from the garage but turned himself in to authorities a short while later.

The victim’s father the administrator of his son’s estate. The suit filed by the father maintains that neither young man possessed a firearm or other weapon. The suit also alleges that the garage was detached from the home and was a spot frequently used by young people in the neighborhood to socialize.

The lawsuit characterizes the action taken by the defendant as both reckless and negligent. Civil litigation will also be used to determine whether or not the resident of the home possessed a duty to retreat and summons law enforcement personnel upon his discovery of the youth in his garage. The lawsuit declares the defendant guilty of a civil offense that resulted directly in the death of another person.

The estate of the deceased young man is suing for $125,000 on the following grounds:• Wrongful Death
• Survival Action
• Negligent or Intentional Imposition of Emotional Stress
• Willful Malicious Conduct
• Loss of Consortium

The lawsuit requests a trial by jury. A wrongful death lawsuit is available as a legal recourse whenever a human being loses his or her life as the result of another’s wrongful action. These lawsuits are designed to provide compensation for surviving family members who are now deprived of the support and companionship of a lost loved one.


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