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Trusts can be helpful planning tools when used correctly

Getting started on an estate plan is not always an easy step to take. After all, a lot of information is often needed, and some Ohio residents may worry that they will make mistakes that leave them regretting their decisions. Fortunately, with the right help, individuals can create comprehensive plans using trusts and other tools.

Giving trusts their due consideration as a planning tool is wise

Getting starting on an estate plan can seem difficult enough for some people. When it comes to deciding exactly what tools to use in their plans, they may easily feel overwhelmed. As a result, numerous Ohio residents may think that they can create a will and be covered, and they may not even consider creating trusts.

How can you protect against financial fraud?

You have been working with your family in Ohio to research the best options for your elderly loved one who is in need of assistance with various tasks. While you have reliable and honest people helping with some of your family member's needs, you are concerned about how to effectively protect his or her finances and assets from fraud. Your vigilance and attention to detail can go to great lengths in helping you recognize if something is amiss and indicates that you need to take action right away. 

What if you do not update your will after your divorce?

It is said that if there is one constant in this world, it is change. This certainly applies to your life in Cinncinati. Over the years, the may marry. have children, start a business, experience personal losses, or get a divorce. Each of these will likely affect your decisions related to your estate. Speaking specifically of divorce, such an event will almost certainly impact how and to who you would like your assets dispersed. Yet many go through a divorce and never update their estate plans. 

Is my senior loved one being taken advantage of?

It's a sad fact of life that scam artists often target seniors for their perceived vulnerability. Additionally, some seniors are more likely to fall victim to these scams than others, which can cause financial effects as well as having a possible impact on a person's overall well-being. To ensure you can adequately protect your loved one, AARP provides the following advice. 

What is intestate succession?

The thought of causing discord amongst your potential beneficiaries in Cincinnati may be causing you to put off your estate planning. You might even believe the best course of action to be to not make any stipulations whatsoever and leave it to them to sort out your estate. Yet it is not that simple; the state actually steps in and dictates how you are assets are to be distributed if you die without leaving a will. Intestate succession (or the succession of assets for those with no will) does involve your family members in the distribution process, yet perhaps not to the extent that you would like. 

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