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Car accident kills 2 after driver over-corrects

It can be difficult to keep a vehicle under control in certain conditions. Unfortunately, if a driver tries to correct the uncontrollable movements of a car, over-correction could occur, and a car accident could take place. Even a seemingly minor over-correction could have fatal outcomes.

Car accident caused by illegal passing causes fatality, injuries

Head-on collisions can easily cause serious injuries to those involved. In many cases, such crashes can prove fatal. It is not unusual for this type of car accident to occur when a driver attempts to pass another vehicle in an unsafe or illegal passing area.

Pinpointing the causes of misdiagnoses

People in Cincinnati go their doctors expected that said professional’s experience and expertise will help them arrive at the correct diagnosis as to what is ailing them. However, most also realize that even with the many advances made in modern medicine in recent year, diagnostic science still has its limitations. Thus, misdiagnoses will happen (indeed, according to information shared by CBS News, more than 12 million Americans are misdiagnosed by clinicians every year). Yet patient’s still have the right to expect that their doctors will use sound judgment when diagnosing their conditions. If that expectation is not met, they may justly question why. 

What should I do when involved in a car accident?

Even minor car accidents are stressful. This is especially true when fault is disputed or when multiple vehicles are involved in a single accident. In this case, it's important to take the proper steps to prevent the situation from becoming much worse. Taking the proper steps also helps you when making an accident claim after the dust has settled. 

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