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Ready to turn business dreams into a reality?

Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy path to take. As a result, many people may put off dreams of starting their own business or may even forgo the dream altogether. However, some Ohio residents may feel that the time has come to prepare and do their best to make their business dreams a reality.

Cincinnati poised to be a startup hub

Our neighbors to the north at the University of Cincinnati are doing some interesting things. According to Entrepreneur — via the UC News — their new innovation lab has set the city up to be the next big start-up center. At the Law Firm of Droder & Miller, that automatically makes us think of the legal issues surrounding setting up new businesses.

Dealing with government contracts

For those businesses in Cincinnati that work contractually, landing a government contract is often considered to be a boon. Government partners offer security and stability that few private companies can match. Yet one risk that does come from working with them is the freedoms that they are automatically afforded due to their government backing.

How should a business handle negative online reviews?

It's easier than ever for consumers to make their opinions about individual businesses known far and wide thanks to online review sites. While it's definitely important for consumers to have a voice, business owners are rightly concerned about the impact a negative review can have on their reputation. In this case, there are ways to turn negative reviews into a positive situation. 

Handling litigation as an online business owner

Business litigation can affect companies of all sizes and in various industries, from those who run a construction company to retailers and large financial corporations. Moreover, business lawsuits may even target an online business, and there are a number of unique considerations for those who have their online business targeted in a lawsuit. As with any other example of business litigation, the consequences of a lawsuit can be devastating for any online business, regardless of its size. Some may be pushed into closure, while others may be impacted by the damage to their reputation and the financial effects for years.

Customers have high expectations of friendliness for small businesses

Good customer relations are important for any company. They may be particularly critical though for small businesses. A recent report suggests that people hold small businesses to a particularly high standard when it comes to interactions with customers.

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