Factors to consider when creating a parenting plan

Dissolving an Ohio marriage is never easy, even when it is amicable. If you have children, you and your ex must develop a parenting plan that is acceptable to both of you. The Law Firm of Droder & Miller, we often assist families in all aspects of a divorce, including child custody and support.

In most cases, the court awards shared physical custody. Custody X Change reports that parenting plans should include a variety of situations. The residential schedule shows where your child lives and when. The holiday schedule indicates which special occasions and holidays your child spends with you and which he or she spends with your ex. A calendar for summer break specifies where your child is during the time that school is out. If they are off to camp for any part of the time, note it here.

The court typically approves plans on which both parents agree. If you and your ex cannot agree on where your child will spend his or her time, the court will mandate a schedule. This type of resolution seldom satisfies either party, so it is beneficial for you to work it out. When the court becomes involved, it considers several factors besides the school schedule and the distance between the parents' homes:

  • Parent work schedules
  • Relationships with parents, siblings and other family members
  • Your child’s age
  • Each parent’s ability to reschedule missed parenting time.
  • Whether one parent plans to move out of state
  • You child’s preferences

Working with a legal professional can help you iron out an acceptable plan without involving the court. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.

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